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What Is Mezcal? Right here’s Why Wellness Warriors Sip Tequila’s Fashionable Cousin

Image of a bottle pouring mezcal to represent what is mezcal. Here's Why Wellness Warriors are Sipping on Mescal
For those who’ve heard about mezcal however aren’t fairly positive what it’s, learn on and get the inside track!Credit score: iStock

First issues first, what’s mezcal? Mezcal is tequila’s cooler, trendier cousin. Though each liquors are derived from the agave plant, that’s the place their relationship ends. For the well being and wellness-conscious, mezcal might even be a cleaner sip.

Right here’s every part it is advisable to know concerning the south-of-the-border liquor the cool youngsters are ingesting.

Image of an agave plant showing what is mezcal?
So what’s mezcal? Properly, it’s so much like tequila, however cleaner. – Credit score: iStock/belkastore

What Is Mezcal?

Mezcal is small-batch, smokey and sophisticated tasting liquor hailing from Mexico. Like tequila, mezcal is distilled from the agave plant. Not like tequila, which is distilled from solely the blue agave, mezcal could be distilled from greater than 30 styles of agave, together with the blue agave. Mezcal is the drink of the second and the wellness crowd *raises hand* is tremendous into it. Very like kombucha’s second within the solar, bringing for all types of unusual cocktails (like our refreshing kombucha spritzer), we predict it’ll stick round for some time.

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Mezcal Vs. Tequila

Mezcal and tequila come from completely different areas of Mexico as nicely. About 80 % of mezcals are made in Oaxaca, however can come from eight different areas all through the nation. Tequila is made in solely 5 particular areas in Mexico.

Like tequila, mezcal is distilled from the juices of the pressed core of the agave plant, the pina. With tequila, the pina are generally cooked in giant, stainless-steel industrial cookers to maximise manufacturing. The cooked pina are then crushed to launch the juice, fermented, distilled, aged, and bottled to supply everybody’s favourite margarita mixer.

Mezcal manufacturing, alternatively, is a labor of affection. Pina are fire-cooked in small underground, earthen pits usually lined with volcanic rock.

Small batches of pina are piled into the pits, lined with earth, and allowed to smoke for days on finish. John McEvoy, writer of “Holy Smoke! It’s Mezcal” and blogger of MezcalPhd explains “this underground ‘oven’ now smokes, cooks, and caramelizes the pina over a multi-day cooking course of,” which creates mezcal’s attribute smoky taste.

The cooked and unearthed pina are then crushed with a tahona, an ancient-looking stone wheel pulled by a horse or donkey, to extract the juice. The cooked agave juice is then fermented and distilled (usually in clay pots or wood barrels), and bottled. This small-batch, artisanal manufacturing explains for the excessive price ticket of many bottles of mezcal.

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Is Mezcal More healthy than Tequila?

For purists, mezcal is cleaner than tequila.

In keeping with the Tequila Regulatory Council, tequila should be made with not less than 51 % blue agave sugars and 49 % sugars from different sources, which can embody not-so-delicious fillers akin to corn and grains. Then again, by legislation mezcal should include one hundred pc agave, leaving no room for something synthetic.

Sip responsibly, not simply in alcohol consumption, but in addition in selecting what to drink. Mezcal could be thought of cleaner and extra pure than tequila, particularly if the later is blended with synthetic sugar and approach to many margarita mixers. In terms of well being, wellness, and alcohol, take into account stability and sip carefully – mezcal included.

image of two men clinking highball glasses of what is mezcal, exploring the differences between mezcal vs tequila
iStock/GeorgeRudyCredit score: iStock/GeorgeRudy

Learn how to Drink Mezcal

Mezcal could be added to cocktails with contemporary herbs and lemon or become a spritzer with kombucha, however as a result of its advanced taste profile, the spirit is greatest sipped by itself.

What is that this taste profile? Though many take into account the flavour of mezcal to be smoky, Lucas Ranzuglia, bar supervisor of San Francisco’s La Urbana restaurant, disagrees. “For some purpose everybody calls mezcal smoky—however I feel the phrase generally is a bit deceptive and overused” he notes.

“You’re not going to seek out flavors of wooden burning or cigarette smoke in mezcal. It’s extra about flavors like dry chiles, chipotle, some roasted bell pepper, leather-based, roasted espresso beans,” Ranzuglia notes.

“In typical artisanal mezcals, very gradual, underground cooking will produce candy and roasted notes like these of walnuts, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cooked pumpkin, brown sugar, honey and caramel, amongst others,” writes Ivan Saldana Oyarzabal, writer of “The Anatomy of Mezcal.”

Cooking processes, sorts of agave, and fermentation may go away mezcal with spicy, floral, earthen, ashy, and candy flavors as nicely.

So, how do you drink this advanced spirit? Ranzugila notes, “In Mexico, they’ve an expression that mezcal is supposed to be kissed—you’re speculated to sip it very slowly, permitting a reference to it.”

“They insist it must be one thing you share and drink with any person else, not one thing you rush by way of. Historically it’s served straight and at room temperature. Mezcal tends to be on the drier facet, it’s a good aperitif. It additionally works rather well with Mexican meals, too, so it’s nice to order along with your appetizer or salad.”

Sipped and savored, with just a little smoke. Cheers!

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